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News CIA rigged at least one Nobel Prize

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    they've also been involved in book publishing:

    http://www.russiatoday.com/features/news/35742 [Broken]

    & here's RIA Novosti's coverage, which is more in-depth:
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    the CIA did nothing more than steal and publish the original Russian text

    Hi fourier jr! :smile:

    erm … your quotations are from a sensationalised English-language summary of a rather biased Italian account in La Stampa (http://www.lastampa.it/redazione/cmsSezioni/cultura/200901articoli/39884girata.asp [Broken]

    It gives the impression that CIA pressure achieved the Nobel prize for Pasternak …

    but all the CIA did was steal a copy of the original Russian text, and present it to the Nobel committee …

    this was needed because the Nobel Committee only considers original-language texts, and Russia wasn't allowing any out of the country. :rolleyes:

    From your other link:
    Pasternak then won the prize on his own merits.

    The CIA did not "rig" the Nobel prize :frown:

    they only made eligible a book which would have been a walkover from the start had Pasternak's own country not suppressed it. :smile:
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