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Civil Engineer, chemistry is recommended but not required

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    My question is do I need to be exceptionally well in chemistry 12 university level course when going to university next year. I am planning to go into civil engineering next year in university; It deals with structural and transportation systems?

    All advice is appreciated.
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    You should strive to do exceptionally well in all things, even the generic history or political science classes. As an engineer, you should get into that mindset straight away.

    Also, chemistry is definitely useful for an engineer. I'm an aerospace engineering major myself, and I've found chemistry very helpful, especially the intuition involved.
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    Regardless of which branch of engineering you go into, you're going to be building or designing... and those objects or systems that you are building / designing / optimizing are more than likely going to involve MATERIALS. Knowing chemistry will help you understand more about the structure of those materials on a microscopic scale, and how those structures might respond under different environmental conditions... including some of the processes that might weaken or degrade those materials (and even stretch them to their limits).
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    Okay I understand but I was wondering if I could do it in a private school where the course is easier then in day school?

    Cause I know a private school where the tests are easier compared to day school?

    So do you think I need to know the basics of grade 12 SCH4U or as much as possible?

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    Buddy, I'd seriously advise against engineering for you. If you think you can survive engineering school with an attitude like "I'll go to another school where it's easier", then you're frankly mistaken. And I don't want anyone building a bridge or a dam for me who thinks that way.
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    Chemistry in civil engineering?

    Well let me see

    Carbonate attack of concrete

    Alkali -silica reaction (otherwise known as concrete cancer)

    Sulphate attack in sulphate bearing groundwater

    Anodic and cathodic protection of pipelines and other structures

    Arrenhius equation in corrosion of prestressing cables

    Bogue compounds in cement

    Passivation of steel

    Polymer - bitumen binders for macadam roadways
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    Agreed--that attitude leads to semi-functioning engineers and they're the reason our integrity is questioned.

    You want an easy major--take history.

    If you want to try your hardest and then some all the while loving what you do--pick engineering.

    If chemistry is what you're worried about I would love to see you deal with PDE's or Dynamic's.
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