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Classical computing and quantum computing

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    I have a lot of questions

    Please help me bridging the gap betw classical computing and quantum computing...please..
    I can do mathemtic like |0> + <1| on paper and write more computings like that.
    But I don't understand how to code it in my toshiba computer ?

    I have some books+materials about quatum, and all of them only say :
    "Quatum will make computers next century with many circuits quatum computing is the future", then they teach gates, computings do with 0 and 1 in kets. and they also list a lot of algorithms but none them are source codes except do computings with 1 and 0 in kets.

    None of them teach them to code in my computer. :=(

    Can you please help me ?

    Thank you
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    A quantum computer is a piece of hardware, not software. However its workings can be simulated with software. Here is a site that might help.
    http://www.qc.fraunhofer.de/ [Broken]
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    Maybe you need to first of all understand what quantum computing actually means and at what stage of development it is at currently! It has nothing to do with coding at this stage.

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    Thank you, i'dlike make something like a java program hamilton gate.
    please tell me how to make it, how to code or send me source code via pm, plese..
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