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Clustering Phenomena In Nuclear Systems

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    I would like to start a thread on this topic--clustering phenomena in nuclear systems. I wish to learn the status of current research in this area. Let me start with a few historical perspectives, from journals well respected--cited below. What we find is a now 65 + year unbroken evidence of nucleon cluster structures within isotopes, both before and well after quark hypothesis appeared in mid 1960s. Now perhaps these nucleon cluster structures reported below derive from quark dynamics--this is the thread discussion I wish to start. For example, who today applies quark theory to John Wheeler concept of "resonating group structures" ? If not, why not ?

    J. A. Wheeler. 1937. Phys. Rev. 52, 1083 & 1107 --- (On the mathematical description of light nuclei by the method of resonating group structures, & Molecular viewpoints in nuclear structure).

    Tombrello, T. A., Phillips, G. C. 1961. Phys. Rev. 122, 224 (Cluster Nature of Li-7 and Be-7).

    Neudatchin & Smimov. 1969. Progress in Physics, Vol. 10 (Evidence for nucleon clusters in the lightest nuclei of the 1p-shell from data on reactions at high energies).

    Pauling, L & Robinson, A. B. 1975. Can. J. Phys. 53, 1953 (Rotating clusters in nuclei)

    Nishioka, J. 1984. J. Phys. G:Nucl. Phys. 10, 1713 (Two alpha particle plus dinucleon cluster model for B-10 and Be-10)

    Pauling, L. 1991. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 88, 820 (Transition from one revolving cluster to two revolving clusters in the ground-state rotational bands of nuclei in the lanthanon nuclei).

    Pieper, S & R. Wiringa. 2001. Annu. Rev. Nucl. Part. Sci. 51, 53 (Quantum monte carlo calculations of light nuclei)--here is a quote "microscopic calculations...can be explained starting from elementary two-and three-nucleon interactions".

    Akimune, et al. 2004. Physics of Atomic Nuclei, 67, 1721 (Trinucleon cluster structure at high-excitation energies in A = 6 nuclei).
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    I move this topic back into potential discussion given I received zero hits first time around--no one that reads this forum works in area of experimental physics of nucleon clusters ?
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