CMRR formula gives wrong result!

  1. Hello,

    If you go to this link:

    and scroll all the way down to the bottom where they show the:

    "Example: operational amplifiers"

    section.... we have:

    I get +/-222mv ????

    Am I doing the math wrong?
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  3. berkeman

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    I get the 316mV number. Can you show how you are typing the numbers into your calculator?
  4. 90/10
    then the result is multiplied by 10.

    10/the result above

    10/((90/20)10) = 0.222???

    and they get 316 micro volts?
  5. berkeman

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    I think there are several issues with the way you are trying to solve this. First remember that for voltage ratios, the equation is dB = 20log(ratio).

    So for this problem, you start with 90dB = 20log(10/x).

    To solve that equation, you divide both sides by 20, and then take 10^ for both sides.

    Can you take it from there...?
  6. Hi berkeman,

    You talking to a very slow guy here!!!
    so I try:

    I went back to my algebra notes of 20 years ago and saw the example:

    2 = log(base10)(100)

    then I tried doing the reverse:

    10^2 = 100

    So then I understood that its 10 to the power of (90/20)...

    So I did the same while following your instructions....

    90dB = 20log(10/x)

    90dB/20 = (20log(10/x))/20

    4.5dB = log(10/x)

    Antilog = 10^4.5 so:

    10^4.5 = 10/x

    which becomes:

    10/31622.8 = x

    316 uV

    Thankyou for your help!
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  7. berkeman

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    Woot! Good job! :smile:
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