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Courses Coaching courses in physics, chemistry and mathematics ?

  1. Nov 26, 2011 #1
    Hello PF members ,

    I am in class 10th presently in India.
    I want to be selected in engineering entrance examinations. In India best are IITs ( Indian Institute of Technology)

    Now there are certain coaching classes in India which prepare us for engineering entrance exams and consists of faculty who all are themselves engineers and qualified professors.
    These have three types of courses :

    1. Integrated courses : In these type of courses coaching has tie up with schools. So in 11th and 12th classes , physics , chemistry and maths in "schools" are taught by qualified professors of coaching. So we don't have to rush to schools and coaching both and hence save our time. In these type , coaching faculty manage both school syllabus of 12th i.e. board as well as engineering preparation.

    2. Classroom courses : In these type of courses we will have to go to school separately and then to coaching. School will take care of ICSE[/PLAIN] [Broken] boards
    and coaching will prepare for engineering exams after 12th , in 11th and 12th classes.

    3. Correspondence courses : In these courses , we get a booklet of coaching classes and we solve it ourselves at home. We only have to go to schools. So I will take a home tution and will do self study.

    The government of India is now planning to consider board exams 50% for engineering exams.

    So which course is best suited for me and why ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I like Serena

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    Hi sankalpmittal! :wink:

    I wouldn't know which method is best.

    What I would recommend is that you ask other students for their experience with these methods.
    Or otherwise simply try them all and see which one or which ones fit you best.
  4. Jan 2, 2012 #3

    Never go for correspondence. The postman would be standing at your door daily and you would have to get a new room built for the bulk. The theory would be little, questions many and worries countless. But still, joining test series is good.

    You must clear that, integrated courses are too no good. You would get trapped. One side, either board preparation or IIT coaching would suffer.

    Classroom programs are best. I know many people who are enjoying them. By the way, in which city would you take coaching?
  5. Jan 4, 2012 #4
    Thanks for reply.. :)

    I also noticed that even ICSE books provide better concepts and theories than correspondence booklets.

    I will take coaching in Lucknow , India...

    *Will be mainly offline now , PreBoard exams. :redface:*
  6. Jan 4, 2012 #5
    All the best. You got pre-board? We, in CBSE, don't have it.
  7. Jan 7, 2012 #6
    rktpro says :
    Thank you ,
    I am giving my pre-boards currently. Which is better CBSE or ICSE ? I think both are equal.
    But will not classroom courses consume way too much time , 7 hours in school and 4 hours there ?

    How about correspondence courses with a tutor ?
  8. Jan 7, 2012 #7
    No doubt they consume time, but the are not a waste at all. You get tough knowledge
    out of them.
    Correspondence with a tutor! I doubt any big shot tutor will agree to sit with you and discuss notes of some institute which are damn hard with no theory at all.
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