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Code for verlet frog leap method.

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    im searching for a C code for verlet leap method, i.e a one the advances the system of particles with accleration,velocities,displacements.

    anyone knows where may i find such a code?

    thanks in advance.
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    too lazy to code yourself?
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    Now, now, take it easy. I'd love to help, but I have no idea of what a verlet leap method is. Anyone? :blushing:
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    its known also plainly as the leapfrog method which gives more hits for a search than verlet.

    Basically you have some timestep dt...each halfstep you update v and each fullstep you update x. (you might also beable to update v each fullstep).

    t=0 => initial cfg
    t+0.5dt=> update v
    t+1.0dt=> update x
    t+1.5dt=> update v
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    Useful link, with both the pseudocode and additional info:


    [edit]: More general versions ('higher order leapfrog') are also available. fourth-, sixth- and eighth-order leapfrog methods are available online, all of which are (naturally) symplectic. Do a search for 'Yoshida integrator', that should turn up some useful results.
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    i wish that were the case.
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    Dr Transport

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    Is it not in Numerical Recipies?????? www.nr.com
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    didn't find anything there about leap frog method.
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    Dr Transport

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    Try looking at the user supplied codes for Matlab and then translate the code into C if someone has done it.
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    The staggered leapfrog method is described in Numerical Recipes in C in chapter 19 (Partial Differential Equations) section 1 (Flux-Conservative Initial Value Problems) on the bottom half of page 842: http://www.nrbook.com/a/bookcpdf/c19-1.pdf
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