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Coefficient of restitution and damping

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    Can someone please explain me the difference between damping and Coefficient of restitution (COR)?

    Are both the same or how do they relate to each other?

    Thank you,
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    Damping is another word for friction. It's most commonly used in connection with oscillations. For example, a pendulum, once set in motion, does not continue for ever because of frictional forces. We say the motion is damped.
    Springs in a car suspension help soften the effect of the bumps in the road. However, they are damped to stop the car bouncing up and down too much and making everyone seasick.

    Coefficient of Restitution is a measure of how much kinetic energy is lost when objects collide. It expresses how elastic or inelastic a collision is.

    A search on Google will find further information on both of these.
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