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Collecting opinions on Gianpaolo Giuliani's work

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    Hi everyone. A few days ago I listened something about Giampaolo Giuliani's theory about earthquakes prevision. I'm from Italy and in my country this is a quite sensitive topic. This person pretends to have discovered a method of prevision, based on the measurement of argon released right before an earthquake.
    Here in Italy he is considered from most scientists as a "charlatan" and, although I don't have any knowledge on geophysics, I admit to be a little skeptical too.
    Giuliani asserts to be well known in different countries and that many foreign scientists have considered his work. I would like to know if someone who belongs to a country different from Italy has ever heard about this guy and, if so, what is the common idea about his theories.

    Thank you very much
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    The idea has been around since at least the 1960's. Lots of papers on the subject. A quick google suggests it seems to "work" sometimes and not others. Sometimes you get radon spikes followed by a quake and sometimes you don't. The problem is you can't evacuate a town for a month every time there is a spike.

    Several web article say that Giampaolo Giuliani's 2009 prediction was wrong anyway....


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    Thank you. I'll definitely have a look at it. My greatest concern, however, was on the credibility of Mr. Giuliani himself as a scientist, as he affirms to be well known and respected, while here in Italy nobody seems to have ever read any of his works on a real scientific journal.
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    Well the area of the UK I live in is a 'radon area', which means that radon percolates up through foundations all the time in some localities.

    Earth tremors on the other hand only happen here every couple of centurys or so. We don't have real quakes.
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