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Collecting Tornado energy in order to dissipate it

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    Would it be possible to Design a scientific apparatus to be deployed as a drone payload which when inserted alone or in concert with a fleet configuration, inside from the top or from the bottom or sides, absorbs energy from Tornados to dissipate it to prevent their formation

    Could tornado energy be collected and either stored on board or deployed to do work/perform some high energy absorbing reaction, or to collect the energy to be distributed to end users at receiving stations on the ground near or distant from tornados?

    Can we not imagine a large number of drones buzzing around tornados feverishly absorbing energy from them effectively stopping them before they form.

    Ideas for uses of energy collected could be to extract CO2 from the atmosphere, then separate C from O2 and then convert C into diamond structure (which would require huge amounts of energy applied as pressure on initial C crystal structure)
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    I can't really imagine this since the first objective of such a drone is that is capable of flying in some kind of controlled manner.
    Although a tornado has a definite overall structure, a lot of the wind currents within it can be chaotic, with unpredictable changes of speed and direction, not to mention sudden updrafts or downdrafts.
    If it was even possible to design an airframe which could cope with that it would need to be quite heavy with a powerful motor and very strong very active control surfaces which would be a significant drain on power.
    On balance I reckon it would likely need more power just to keep the thing safely airborne than could be harvested in some manner.
    How do you propose to harvest the energy anyway?, the wind will blow the aircraft which ever way it wants, and all it the plane can do about it is try it's best not to get into a stall condition.
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    I think this thread should belong to "engineering". I remember "Twister", Michael Chrichton.
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