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College Computer Science BA vs BA

  1. Aug 13, 2014 #1
    So I want to major in Computer Science but the school I will be attending only offers BA degrees(even in the sciences) since they are a small liberal arts school. Will it be a problem for me in the future when looking for jobs if I have a BA in Computer Science?

    A lot of people tell me that it will be impossible to find a job with a BA in Computer Science, so should I just major in the humanities or maybe economics since it wouldn't matter if you have a BA.

    People tell me I would have a better job opportunity with a BA in Economics than a BA in Computer Science because most Economists have a BA. Is this true? What should I do? I really want to major in Computer Science, but not if I won't be able to find a job.
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    I am an undergraduate, so take this with a grain of salt, but I am not aware of anyone who cares whether you received a BS or BA. The distinction between them is not even consistent from school to school. If this truly worries you then go to the websites of a few schools and compare the curriculum of their BS to your BA, to make sure you are getting the standard menu of courses.

    I highly doubt a humanities degree has better employment prospects than a CS BA.

    I don't see how "I would have a better job opportunity with a BA in Economics" follows from "because most Economists have a BA." Regardless, do you like economics? If so, why not double major?
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    Agree very much with Jakeness.

    From slightly painful experience, what is important is the course choices you make in earning your undergraduate degree. The "of Arts" or "of Science" is meaningless compared to the courses in which you study and earn credit.
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