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Color and the relation to d orbitals

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    I never really learned this, and it popped up yesterday. Can someone explain to me how to compound colors are all determined by the d orbitals and would it be only the d orbitals. it would be very helpful, thanks.
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    Why would you want to hear it from us when you can read your text, from a more qualified author?

    In short, you can correlate the d-spectrum of a transition metal compound (if this is what you're referring to) with its color, through subtractive mixing of the d spectrum as well as the charge transfer bands. d transitions, are relatively weaker than these transfer bands due to quantum selection rules, charge transfer complexes which absorb more or less in the visible spectra, or have spectra that overlaps the visible region slightly, have intense colors, such as the famous copper blue proteins.
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    And if it's complexes you are talking about, you may want to read up on Crystal Field Theory.
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