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Combination circuit help please

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    The volatage is 120 and its asking me to find total voltage, resistance, power and current. The resistance is given, its all 3 its asking for voltage, power and current for each bulb///please help me....thanks a looot and the picture for this problem is down please click com.jpg...thanks a loot

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    This looks like a straight forward question. However before any of us can assist you with homework, you need to show us your thought process. What kind of work have you done on this question so far?
    Here's an example of what I mean. I also suggest rereading this post, listed at the beginning of this topic. It provides useful information on constructing your posts.

    While your thinking about that, I have a question. Where is the power supply supposed to be, in your circuit diagram?
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    oops sorry the power battery should be at the bottom in the middle sorry about that if u want me to send u another diagram i will.......and i dont no which one is parralel and series....when i combined i got the total resistance of 2.25 A...... i did 9-1 + 3-1= 2.25 A. i will send u another
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    i will send u the another diagram in another new post...the title will be combination circuit hw
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    and by the way R1 is the left one, R2 is the top middle one, R3 is the right one and R4 is the top center of the power......for R4 i got 40 A and 120 V since its parallel.....for R1, R2, and R3 i got 13.33A and for their voltage i got 39.99 V for each of them...i am not sure if that is right or not......
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