What is Combination circuit: Definition and 28 Discussions

In automata theory, combinational logic (also referred to as time-independent logic  or combinatorial logic ) is a type of digital logic which is implemented by Boolean circuits, where the output is a pure function of the present input only. This is in contrast to sequential logic, in which the output depends not only on the present input but also on the history of the input. In other words, sequential logic has memory while combinational logic does not.
Combinational logic is used in computer circuits to perform Boolean algebra on input signals and on stored data. Practical computer circuits normally contain a mixture of combinational and sequential logic. For example, the part of an arithmetic logic unit, or ALU, that does mathematical calculations is constructed using combinational logic. Other circuits used in computers, such as half adders, full adders, half subtractors, full subtractors, multiplexers, demultiplexers, encoders and decoders are also made by using combinational logic.
Practical design of combinational logic systems may require consideration of the finite time required for practical logical elements to react to changes in their inputs. Where an output is the result of the combination of several different paths with differing numbers of switching elements, the output may momentarily change state before settling at the final state, as the changes propagate along different paths.

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  1. E

    I am having some difficulties solving a combination circuits problem

    I'm having difficulties finding the current for a 9-ohm resistor only, not the 20-ohm My attempt was to find the voltage of a 20ohm resistor which is V = (0.75A)(20-ohm) = 15V. I got the 0.75A by adding the currents of the two resistors (8-ohm and 16-ohm) together that were in parallel and it...
  2. A

    Combination Circuit Help (pic)

    Could somebody help me out with this combination circuit? The answer that I get is 62K but that is not one of the answers. At first, I thought the 10kohm and 20kohm wherein series and the other side as well. Then I thought they are all in parallel because of the different current flow they all...
  3. D

    Engineering Combination circuit with Series & Parallel light bulbs

    Homework Statement One 18 watt lamp and two 60-watt light bulb are plugged into a 120V circuit. For either DC or AC, the two bulbs are connected each other in parallel and in series with the lamp in the same circuit. Calculate; i. the current flow through each light ii. the total...
  4. A

    Engineering Combination Circuit Diagram (resistor network simplification)

    How do I accomplish this? The goal is to redraw the diagram of the ciruit shown below, until it becomes series in the end. Given: Here’s what I did: Diagram 1 2 3 4* 5 *I apologize for flipped images. iPhone camera is tricky. Is this correct? If not, why?
  5. Peter Alexander

    How to determine minimum amount of AND and OR gates in PLA?

    Homework Statement Realization of given three functions $$ \begin{array}{c} f_{1}=x_{1}\bar{x}_{2}\bar{x}_{3}+x_{2}x_{3}\bar{x}_{4}\\ f_{2}=\bar{x}_{3}x_{4}+x_{1}\bar{x}_{2}\bar{x}_{3}\\ f_{3}=x_{2}x_{3}\bar{x}_{4}+\bar{x}_{3}x_{4} \end{array} $$ using the PLA. Homework Equations I don't know...
  6. K

    Calculating total resistance of a combination circuit

    Homework Statement Find the total resistance of the circuit Homework Equations Parallel resistance: 1/Rtotal = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3 + ..., Series resistance: R1 + R2 + R3... The Attempt at a Solution The 1470 ohm resistor is parallel to the 50 ohm resistor and the 1000 ohm resistor, but there is...
  7. D

    Engineering Circuit with multiple voltage sources

    Homework Statement a. Find the voltages Va, Vb, and Vc. b. Find the currents I1 and I2. Homework Equations Ohm's Law, Current Divider The Attempt at a Solution [/B] My first attempt was to redraw the circuit. I know that these voltages are with respect to ground. Therefore Va to Ground is...
  8. G

    Potential difference of each resistor

    Homework Statement What is the potential difference across each resistor? I know that I'll have to incorporate the V=iR equation but I don't know where to start though... My first attempt was with these: R1=4 R2=8 R3=5 R4=6 R5=3 24-I1R1-I1R2-I3R3+I4R4+I5R5=0 but this lead me nowhere so I...
  9. scowl

    Voltage and Current in a Combination Circuit

    Homework Statement All the batteries shown are 1 V. What voltage is supplied by the batteries in this circuit? What is the current through the branch of the circuit containing the 20 Ω resistor? What is the current through the branch of the circuit containing the 30 Ω resistor? What is the...
  10. M

    Components in a combination circuit

    In a combination circuit, with 2 components, if the voltages across each is the same, why must the resistance of the components be equal to each other?
  11. S

    How Do You Calculate Total Resistance, Current, and Power in a Complex Circuit?

    Homework Statement http://imgur.com/h5VXibe Have to solve V, I, R and Power for all resistors and the circuit total. Known data is shown in table. The rest needs to be solved for Homework Equations Ohm's Law and Series Equation: 1/Er=1/R1+1/R2... and Tr=R1+R2...The Attempt at a Solution...
  12. B

    Simple Combination Circuit, Find Current

    Homework Statement Combinations of Resistors Im not sure if the image will show up. If the image doesn't show up; it is similar to this picture http://www.ceb.cam.ac.uk/data/images/groups/CREST/Teaching/impedence/sparal6.gif In the link's picture R1 is in the correct spot, R2 is R6-5-4 and...
  13. D

    Solve Combination Circuit Homework: Req, IT, Current & Voltage

    Homework Statement Determine the Req, IT, and the current and voltage across each resistor. Collapse each drawing into one resistor that equals Req. Find the total power used by the circuit. Also determine the voltage, current, and power for each individual resistor. The one I'm having...
  14. A

    Series parallel combination circuit

    Homework Statement In the attached circuit diagram, I have to find the Total resistance of the cicuit, the current at I1, the voltage over R6 and the current through I5. Homework Equations V = IR The Attempt at a Solution Rt = 12Ohms I1 = 1A R6 = 6v I5 = 1A Homework Statement
  15. W

    Resistance in a combination circuit

    Homework Statement Find the resistance in resistor MN. Diagram is attached Homework Equations in series circuit R = R1+R2+R2+...Rn in parallel circuit \frac{1}{R} = \frac{1}{R_1}+\frac{1}{R_2}+\frac{1}{R_3}+... \frac{1}{R_n} The Attempt at a Solution I have no idea on how to get...
  16. W

    Calculating total resistance of a combination circuit with a diagonal resistor?

    I have been given this problem, I've simplified it down to a total resistance however I'm unsure on whether I have done it correctly. Any pointers would be nice, thanks. First of all I added the two resistors together in the top right as they are series. I then used that product with the...
  17. B

    Calculating the Current in a Two battery Combination Circuit

    Homework Statement For the circuit shown in the figure below, calculate the current I4 through the 1.94Ω resistor. As shown, R1 = 4.05Ω, R2 = 8.11Ω, R3 = 6.17Ω, R4 = 1.94Ω, I1 = 2.97A and E1 = 12V Homework Equations V=IR ƩI in a junction = ƩI out of a junction ƩV in a loop = 0 The...
  18. C

    PGRE | Resistor Combination Circuit

    Homework Statement Hello forum, please see the attached image. This problem amounts to finding the equivalent resistance for the circuit and using Ohm's law to solve for the current. Homework Equations V=IR The Attempt at a Solution What I really need help with is learning how...
  19. J

    Engineering Maximizing Battery Voltage in a Complex Combination Circuit

    The problems says "In the circuit shown in the figure all the resistors are rated at a maximum power of 1.20W" Then it asks "What is the maximum emf that the battery can have without burning up any of the resistors?" Really, The only part I think I'm having trouble with is finding what the...
  20. J

    How Does Resistor Configuration Affect Circuit Resistance?

    Homework Statement Three identical resistors are connected in parralel. The equivalent resistance increases by 700 ohm when one resistor is removed and connected in series with the remaining two, which are still in parrallel. Find resistance of each resistor Rt1 + 700ohms = Rt2...
  21. B

    How to find power dissipation in combination circuit?

    Homework Statement What is the power dissipated in the 34-Ohm resistor? Homework Equations P=RI^2 The Attempt at a Solution I have found the total current in the system as well as the current through the resistor, and keep getting 1.88, which is incorrect. Any suggestions on...
  22. A

    Complicated Combination Circuit problem. PLEASE HELP

    Complicated Combination Circuit problem. PLEASE HELP! Homework Statement http://i45.tinypic.com/314te39.jpg I am suppose to create a RIVP chart with that circuit shown above. R1 = 10 ohms R2 = 14 ohms R3 = 9 ohms R4 = 11 ohms R5 = 5 ohms R6 = 9 ohms The voltage of the battery is...
  23. Z

    Combination Circuit Question: Determining Current

    Homework Statement Find the current flowing through each of the resistors in the circuit shown, where \xi = 14V and R=6.3\Omega. Homework Equations I=V/R where I=current (Amps), V=potential different (Volts), R=resistance (\Omega). Resistors in Series: Req=R1+R2+...
  24. S

    Tips for analyzing a combination circuit

    Homework Statement So this Monday I will have a test, and I know for a fact that one of the free response questions will be a circuit with a combination of series and parallel resistors.So my question is can you guys give me some tips on how to do these successfully. I know that I need to...
  25. S

    How To Implement A combination Circuit Using

    How To Implement A "combination Circuit" Using .. how to implement a "combination circuit" using PROM and a "shift register" i have sequential circuit i know how to build the flip flop part in it but i need to implement the "combination circuit" using PROM and a "shift register" i...
  26. A

    Resistance problem- combination circuit

    Question 3. Find the total resistance of the following circuit. Formulas: R= V/I If the # of resistors connected in series is n, the equiv. resistor is given by Rs = R1 + R2 +... + Rn likewise with resistors connected in parallel, 1/Rp = 1/R1 + 1/R2 +... + 1/Rn Given: V0 =...
  27. S

    Engineering How to Design a Combinational Circuit for Voting with a 7-Segment Display?

    hi to all can anyone help me to solve this problem ? A small corporation has 7 shares of stock, and each share entitles its owner to one vote at a stockholders meeting. The 7 shares are owned by 3 people as follows: Mr.W:1 share Mr.X:3 shares Mr.Y:3 shares Each of these persons has a...
  28. J

    Combination circuit help please

    The voltage is 120 and its asking me to find total voltage, resistance, power and current. The resistance is given, its all 3 its asking for voltage, power and current for each bulb///please help me...thanks a looot and the picture for this problem is down please click com.jpg...thanks a loot