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Combining 2 grid connections ac to one

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    question as grid connections are limited to 450 watts ac 220 v over her i like to combine two of these to one 900 watt grid connection?.
    power ac comes from the same grid (source) goes trough a meter and connects to my home system.
    so can i put one more meter there which is feeded from the same grid, and after the two meters both 450 watt can i connect the wires in parallel and can take a total load of 900 watt which is equally spread of the two grid connections? and connect that to my home system again? Power quality of the grid is very pour voltage drops and goed down a couple of times a day.. do i need to worry about fase differences or does this is no problem without burining up my system or the meters?
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    Contact a licensed electrician to wire your house for more power. Do not try to do it yourself. Fire and death could be the result.
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    Perfect reply. Thread is closed.
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