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Physics Community College lecturer with foreign masters?

  1. May 13, 2016 #1
    Is it possible to teach community college physics in the US with a foreign (UK) master's in physics? I know they require 18 graduate credit hours of physics, but will they accept foreign credit especially since they don't use credit hours and the course titles might be different?
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    I think having the MS in Physics will work.

    Here's the hiring page from our local college:


    I had applied once without the MS in physics (I had one in CS). I got an interview, taught a demo class and aced it but got rejected because I had 17 grad credit hours in physics. However they said get that extra one and we'll let you teach. I did but circumstances changed when I started work as a staff software developer at a local university and then got too busy to teach.
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    Did you ever go into teaching? Do you think you get bottlenecked into doing only that since it doesn't give you industry experience?
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