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Compiling F77 w/Silverfrost FTN95

  1. Oct 29, 2008 #1
    I cannot for the life of me compile a f77 program with this software. I always get the error:

    FTN77 must be on the PATH.

    I'm pretty sure I figured out how to add stuff to my PATH, but I looked in the program folder and I don't see anything with "FTN77" in the name, so I have no idea what to add to the path. According to the website, this program should compile ftn77.

    Any ideas? I really don't want to download another compiler (especially since I tried downloading g77 and can't even get things unzipped).
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    FTN95 can compile Fortran 77 code (Fortran 77 is a language standard). FTN77 is a Fortran 77 compiler and so FTN95 can compile the same code as FTN77. FTN95 is not FTN77 -- its FTN95!

    So you can take any code that you compiled with FTN77 and compile it with FTN95.
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    You haven't given us any information at all.

    The command you need to give is something like:
    FTN95 file.F77 /FIXED_FORMAT
    or whatever suffix you have used on your file name.
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