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Q? about Silverfrost (Salford) Fortran95 freeware compiler.

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    Hi. Recently I wanted to take a look at Fortran so downloaded the Silverfrost (formerly known as Salford) Fortran95 compiler. See:


    BTW. It's freeware for evaluation purposes but if used for profit or research you have to buy a licence. It's also got a nag screen stating this much (and displayed for about 6 to 8 seconds before to any program that it makes will run.)

    One thing I'm trying to do is to figure out if this compiler/linker is able to produce a stand-alone exe file, in other words one that has any library routines already embedded. My Delphi compiler for example does it like that, it makes a stand alone exe so that you can just copy the one file to any other Windows computer and it will run. This salford/silverfrost compiler however makes really small exe files but they wont run on another computer unless I also copy the runtime library salflibc.dll.

    I was just wondering if anyone else uses this compiler and if they know of any linker options to make it generate a stand-alone executable.

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    I'll give this a bump.

    Could I enquire about the Fortran compilers that other's are using. Is it usual for fortran to complile to an executable that requires the presence of a library dll file to run. What compilers can produce a stand-alone executable file?
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    A few years ago, when they were Salford, I used their terrific evaluation fortran77 version and did not have your problem. Those executables are still used, standalone and called as runtime by a Java application, every day up to now in a 24/7 application for my work. However, I am sorry I did not use the evaluation fortran95 version because of the splash screen and other restrictions.
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    Thanks for the info Chris, so their older versions of the compiler definitely could create a stand alone executable.

    I thought this must be the case because in another recent thread here someone posted some Fortran90 code for a simple chess program and the author provided both the source and a stand alone executable. For comparison this stand-alone exe was about 500kB whereas the exe file that I got when I compiled it in FTN95 is only 28k. Unfortunately this 28kB file wont run on another computer unless I also copy a dll file "salflibc.dll" as well. It's not that this dll is so big, it's only 2MB, but I'd still really like to be able to make a single executable file. Im guessing that it's down to one of the following three possibilities but at the moment I'm not sure of which it is.

    1. Their FTN95 compiler simply doesn't support the making of a stand alone executable.

    2. The complier supports it but not the demo version. (though they don't state this anywhere as a limitation)

    3. The compiler or linker supports it but I just haven't figured out the linker options to do it yet.

    At the moment I still think it's case 3.

    PS. Can I just clarify one point in case anyone has got the wrong idea. I am not concerned about the splash screen and plan on using the compiler within the guidelines for it's freeware usage. My desire to produce a stand-alone executable is not an attempt to remove the nag screen or otherwise "crack" the software in any way.
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    I think a better option is to use g95 http://www.g95.org" [Broken] instead of Silverfrost. It will do what you want, is free and without restrictions.

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    Thanks Chris. I finally got around to downloading G95 and it works great. .Now I get a stand-alone exe file and I don't have to suffer a nag screen. Win win yeah!
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