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COMPLETELY unacceptable (rant) - Win XP reboot behaviour

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    I am very angry right now. I had set my Win XP to download but *not* install any security updates without my say-so. When I returned from work today, what do I find but a rebooted computer, with a cutesy little bubble telling me that Windoze had seen fit to install an important security update and reboot automatically! I lost some important file transfers because of this unexpected reboot. But more than that, I'm feeling thoroughly violated, because M$ has really crossed a line here. What the heck gives them the right to restart my computer when they feel like it, especially since I've expressly forbidden them from doing so?!

    It's not just me, BTW, many users and even server admins are up in arms about this. M$ has been engaging in this sort of "proactive" updating for quite a while now. Look, Gates, my PC is my property, and I *paid in full* for your shoddy OS. Don't you think I'm entitled to decide when to reboot my own system?! I'm going with Linux full time after this little outrage.

    Anyone else fed up with this like I am?
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    I keep automatic updates turned off. I used to go even further and disable the service, but windowsupdate.com requires it to use it.
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    heh, if it wasn't for my LAN parties i'd be a full linux user a long time ago..

    there's a funny kill bill game out there - maybe it'll make you feel better :biggrin:

    though now we should all be cursing steve balmer, the new guy...
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    same here to both the replies

    im fed up with the whole of windows

    especialy the fact that in home youcant play games on a limeted acount and you cant edit the acount from a Admin acount to let it work, how anoying!!
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    PC support, where I work has a nasty habit of doing this.
    Without any help from Bill.

    I just loved telling one of the top muckity mucks that I had to drop out of his online conference because PC support was rebooting my PC.

    Hee Hee, life is good :rofl:
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    This happened recently to me too. I had lots of documents and dev projects opened. I took a quick break and when I returned to my workstation I was surprised to see my computer restarted. I remembered being bugged by the restart windows prompt (which had a progress bar, that when elapses will restart by default) about twice which I cancelled because I was in the middle of programming something. Fortunately I had everything saved.
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