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Old programs cannot be installed after recovery in Win8

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    I have problem with my laptop after updated to Win8.1. I reverse back to Win 8. But now all the old programs I used to installed cannot be reinstalled again. I try troubleshoot compatibility and tried to run under XP service pack III, it won't work. Tried Window 7, it won't work.

    This is legitimate 2003 MS Office and Photoshop 6.0. They are old but I bought them in full price. They all installed when I first got the laptop, but now it won't anymore. What can I do?

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    It's not clear what is going on here.

    What was the original operating system on your laptop when you purchased it? Was this the same OS you were using when you installed MS Office and Photoshop? When you updated to Win 8.1, were you running Win 8 before with these programs installed?

    I'm asking all these questions because updating to a newer Windows can sometimes cause problems with programs installed under a previous version of Windows. For example, if you had an old Windows XP installation and you wanted to upgrade to Windows 7, skipping Vista, you could upgrade the Windows, but you old programs would have to be reinstalled as if you just purchased the computer.

    The way I understand the Windows upgrade path, you can go from XP to Vista and bring your programs along, but you cannot go, for example, from XP to Windows 7 in one step and keep your installed programs. There are tools which supposedly allow you to do this, but these have to be installed on your computer before upgrading the Windows OS takes place.
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    It was Win 8 to start. I installed everything ok. My mistake was when the computer prompted me whether I want to update to 8.1, I did. That was the biggest mistake. Win 8 was not very stable, 8.1 just did not work. I first recovered back one day, it did not work, I tried to refresh the computer and here I am now. I think the computer is back to Win 8.
    I am ready to recover the whole computer, at this point, it just does not work, the computer got stuck just sitting there. I really regret buying the Win 8. All my other computers work like a champ. Here I am, still typing here with my Win 7 that is very reliable.
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    I regretted it as well. Mainly because they by magic dissapeared Ad Hoc support. Unlike most software developers they don't even make a list of changes, they just splash in your screen: "Upgrade to a better operating system NOW!.... FOR FREE!" Or: "You can no longer use this app unless you upgrade to Win 8.1."

    and one falls in their dirty little tricks... because the word "free" appears to attract everyone (and me) so much. But I'm learning not to trust that word.

    Anyway, the problem might be fast start-up. Try this:
    1. Open cmd
    2. Type: shutdown.exe /s /f /t 00
    3. Press enter

    It should shut down for real. Turn it up again and try to install the software. Tell us how it went (optional).

    Soruce: http://windowssecrets.com/langalist-plus/with-windows-8-off-isnt-really-off/

    (You can try any of the other methods described in the source to shut it down for real. Or the methods here)
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    I recovered the laptop and started over. I still encounter compatibility issue, but it can be fixed and I manage to load the old programs. This Win 8 is just not good. It just hung when going to sleep. I have to make it never go to sleep and see what happens.
  7. Jun 19, 2014 #6
    Sleep mode has always been problematic since it's introduction. Some people swear by it, but most people just disable it as it does cause applications to hang, causes lag in simple OS tasks (like the mouse lagging), and I find it quicker to just boot the computer from an off state and logging in rather than wake it out of a sleep state.

    You can always "downgrade" to windows 7 if you have the installation and have the windows 7 drivers for your devices.
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    I really tempted to do that, but I want to move forward and force myself to learn Win 8. I don't want to be left behind. I just bought a nice desktop that comes with Win 7 for my wife and I take over this one with Win 8. I could hear her screaming at this computer. She absolutely hated this computer with Win 8!!

    Next, I am going to force myself to use the tablet also. Just because I am old does not mean I have to be left behind. It's sad to see some older people just don't know how to use computer.
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    Haha I agree with the older people, but don't be worried too much about Windows 8. Microsoft caught a lot of backlash from a majority of personal and business users, which prompted 8.1. I can only speak for the businesses that I'm involved with, plus my own place of employment, and none of them used Vista or Windows 8; Vista for the obvious issues that sullied its name, and Windows 8 for being a Smart Phone OS on a desktop environment. Kudos to you for keeping up with the times :)
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    What is the brand of laptop you are using? I am running Windows 8.1 on several laptops and have had no problems--EXCEPT on the HP laptop. It has bad drivers and has been a problem from the get-go and still will not tunnel into my work network, for no apparent reason (though I suspect HP drivers). I hate HP. If you have one of the mainstream laptops, especially a Dell made within the last 3 years, you should not be having such problems.

    Please identify the machine this is happening on before you go and trash Microsoft completely.
  11. Jun 22, 2014 #10
    I haven't seen anyone trash MS completely, just some general snarling on Windows 8 (and my comment on Vista) :P But that's to be expected when a company puts out 2 very, very solid OS's (XP and Windows 7), and had 3 out of the last 5 OS's be completely horrendous (Windows ME, Vista, and I'd say an even split of users that use Windows 8). I'm not considering Windows 2000 as it wasn't available to home users, where as XP to current has been (excluding server variants).

    If you're referring to the sleep mode comments, I personally have never seen sleep mode be effective at all except for on 2 laptops (my mothers and my unofficial gf's), so I'm only speaking on my experience :P My unofficial gf's laptop is the same as mine, except I upgraded my Windows 8 to Windows 7 :P

    But yea, I haven't seen anything slamming MS for anything.
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