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How can I redefine my Complex matrix to a Block matrix, similar as matrix representation of complex number.
I need a Real an Imaginary part as real numbers, to find eigenvalues and eigenvectors with my solver, which works only with Real matrices.

My matrix element is:
[tex]M_{mn}=\int^{tk}_{0} -i Exp[i E_{mn} t] V_{mn}(t) dt[/tex]
The integrals are easy to write, but are complex.
I want to write matrix M as new matrix of dimension 2N to find eigenvectors and eigenvalues of that matrix, which are also complex.


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We basically have the situation ##M=A+iB##. In order to diagonalize ##M## or to use some normal form, we need to know something about the components ##A## and ##B##. If we find a normalization for ##A##, it could well ruin the structure of ##B## and vice versa. So in any case, the question isn't answerable in this generality. Moreover, complex calculations are usually better than real ones, since we have more eigenvalues available.

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