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Compressed non-bonded magnet - possible?

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    Compressed "non-bonded" magnet - possible?

    Dear everyone
    As opposed to a bonded magnet being magnet powder "glued" together with e.g. epoxy and which is incapsulated as to prevent corrosion - does anyone know if one can instead compress magnet powder without a binder directly in a can-like object and seal it of hermetically afterwards? And if so, who is capable of manufacturing such an incapsulated and "non-bonded" magnet?
    Thank you millions in advance for your time and consideration.
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    Re: Compressed "non-bonded" magnet - possible?

    Ceramic magnets are fairly non-reactive, but I've seen them over-molded with Teflon for an ultrapure application. Of course, you have to pay for an injection mold.

    Good luck,
    - MIke
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    Re: Compressed "non-bonded" magnet - possible?

    Aside from bonded magnets, there are also sintered magnets, would those suit your purposes?
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