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  1. YoungPhysicist

    B Is everything compressible?

    I thought that if something is incompressible, then when we push on this thing, the other end of it will move instantly, which is a kind of FTL information transport and is impossible. So does that mean literally everything, including atom nucleus or even some elementary particles(if they can be...
  2. M

    Thermodynamics question: venting a tank of liquid oxygen

    I am trying to figure out how you can subcool a dewar of liquid oxygen (vacuum insulated) just by releasing the pressure sitting on top of it. The liquid I am thinking of in this case is liquid oxygen, which boils at -297.33 F at 1 atm. Let's say I fill a dewar with LO2, then pressurize that...
  3. S

    Speed of air flow in pipe

    Homework Statement A tank with a 25.5 litre capacity contains air compressed into 355 atmospheres used to drive a torpedo by expansion into an engine via a pipe of diameter 0.08cm. A mechanism ensures that the gas flows to the engine at a constant rate and any cooling of the air during...
  4. B

    Help with compressed air thrust

    I'm working on a kinda-sorta confidential device. I would like to know how much psi is required to lift approx. 400 pounds 120m (about 393ft and 8 13/32 inches) into the air. The thing I'm working on is still in the designing stage, so don't worry about the specifics of individual thrusters and...