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I Computational Hohmann Transfer on MapleSoft

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    I am trying to recreate an Interplanetary Hohmann transfer orbit from Earth to Mars similar to image A below (the red line). However, Earths orbit is not circular, It is more of an elliptical orbit rather than circular. I was able to successfully plot the orbits of both Earth and Mars correctly using the Verlet Algorithm (Image B), but I am having trouble with the Hohmann transfer. So far I've been trying to use the following equation but have not had any luck:

    ΔV = sqrt(2*mu(sun)) * sqrt( R2 / (R1 * (R1+R2) ) )
    R1 = radius of earth orbit around sun (Aphelion)
    R2 = radius of mars orbit around sun (Aphelion)

    Does anyone have any other possible equations to describe an interplanetary Hohamnn transfer? How would I use the above equation as a function of both orbits (Mars and Earth)? How could I split the above equation into X and Y components?

    Thanks for the help!

    Image A:
    Image B:

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    Why the equation doesnt work ?
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