Computational math vs. computer science

  1. i want to get into computers but i want to major in math

    some schools i'm interested in offer things like computational math

    for example,
    a school i might attend offers a few math majors

    pure math
    applied math
    math-computer science
    and math-scientific computation

    the latter sounds most appealing to me, but would it be a competitive major in the computer field? or would the computer science one seem a lot more normal/acceptable?

    do employers typically prefer plain computer science majors to math majors? who gets paid more?

    what sort of jobs would something like computational math get me?
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  3. Discrete Math major is pretty much exactly what you're looking for it sounds like. I know a handful of discrete math majors, none of whom have had a problem finding internships/co-op positions or a job doing computer science related things.
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