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Homework Help: Compute the torque developed by an airplane engine

  1. Oct 3, 2006 #1
    (a)Compute the torque developed by an airplane engine whose output is 2000hp at an angular velocity of 2400 rev/min. (b) If a drum of negligible mass, .5m in diameter, were attached to the motor shaft and the power output of the motor were used to raise a weight hanging from a rope wrapped around the drum, how large a weight could be lifted. (c) At what speed would it lift that weight.
    My attempt (a) torque=P/w = 5.937*10^3N.m
    (b) F=torque/r = 23.748*10^3N
    (c) v=r*w. Any help on how to do part c, would be welcomed, thanks.
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    Your equation should work just fine
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