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Homework Help: Computer Architecture (2 Problems)

  1. Mar 21, 2009 #1
    need help answering these 2 questions

    A hypothetical disk drive has the specifications shown below. Find the average access time for a block (sector) of data.

    I want the answer in milliseconds, and you need to reduce your answer to a simple final value.

    • 32 sectors per track
    • 3600 RPM speed
    • 7 millisecond average seek time
    Transaction processing is chiefly concerned with I/O rate: number of disk accesses per
    second, as opposed to data rate, and the I/O speed versus CPU speed in terms of Transactions Per Second (TPS). Assume the following information:

    • CPU has the performance of 800 MIPS.
    • Each transaction requires 2 disk reads plus 2 disk writes.
    • The database software executes 40000 instructions to process a transaction.
    • The operating system uses 15000 instructions for each disk read or write access.
    • The I/O bus and memory are capable of sustaining 1000 MB/sec of data transfer without interfering with the CPU.
    • Each read/write access transfers 100 bytes.

    a. What is the peak performance of the CPU in terms of TPS?
    b. What is the peak performance of the I/O bus system in terms of TPS?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Okay, so what are your thoughts on these questions?

    EDIT: Welcome to Physics forums, by the way. However, the way these forums works is that you need to show some work before we're able to help you out (i.e. we don't give out answers / do your homework for you)
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