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Computer Engineering Vs. Electrical Engineering

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    Hello everyone, I will be graduating next year and I was wondering what my university major should be. I want a major that could combine my passion for physics, mathematics, programming, and electronics and I was basically able to narrow it down to Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Which of the two is more mathematically oriented? Also, if I wanted to pursue a career in robotics which would qualify me better?
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    Robotics = CompSci + MechE + EE

    So, Pick 1,2, or 3 :)
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    But isn't CompE = CompScie + EE?
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    God no.
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    Well, your choice is narrow enough, it doesn't really matter. Pretty easy to switch from one to the other.

    EE is more math oriented, I think. When I think of computer engineering, I just think of logic gates and assembly code. But EE has electromagnetism, signals, control. Lots of calculus and differential equations.

    Robotics seems like the way to go. There's potentially a lot of math, there. But I don't know much about it.

    And I never worked as an engineer. Just studied EE for a while before turning to math.
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    Please elaborate.
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    dependent on different college. In mine compE (we call it compsys) has quite a bit of EE and softeng but a lot of the stuff are simply just for compeng, students of other specialisations only take (those particular) compeng courses as electives

    and if you are wondering about the difference between compsci and softeng, well from what I've seen, softeng is more about making stuff that makes customers happy, compsci focuses more on underlying algorithm, linguistics etc. There are certainly crossovers, but these two are distinctly different
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    Well perhaps my post was a bit misleading but at the same time it is accurate.

    Computer engineers take alot of the same initial engineering classes as EE's at least in my school, those being:

    circuits 1, linear systems, digital logic, computer design, analog electronics, integrated circuits; but from there it somewhat diverges. Instead of a second course in analog electronics like EE's they take a course in digital electronics where they study how to make logic gates out of transistors and things like that, plus they take alot more programming courses like data structures, operating systems, things like that. They actually don't know that much in the way of circuits or solid state devices which is why they tend to not do so well in the integrated circuits course here relative to the EE's which is why I harp on the difference.
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