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Computer problem : need understanding

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    Computer problem : need understanding !!


    i have a computer with lots of componements like big graphic cards, Tv card, ect
    my alimentation didnt have enough sub plugs to plug all my componements so i had to use a thing to dooble 1

    since now, no problems

    but suddenly , pc bugs, when i restart , just after the Motherboard display, says 'NTLDR' missing
    there i was like : my Main hard disc destroyed itself, or really nasty virus that modified my XP boot program

    then, i tried unplugging one of my other hard discs
    rebooted , and worked

    why suddenly, i cannot have another componment, and before i could

    now i probs have to buy new alimentation

    (sorry if i dont have the right vocab, but i have all the PC vocab in french so ..)
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    I'm no expert, but in my old computer repair class ntldr error usually was before reloading the operating system.
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    Restart and enter your computers BIOS, check the hard drive boot order. If you added a hard drive, this may have changed. Regardless, try chaning the hard drive ordering and see what works.
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    i have now tested some things and i understand some things

    in a way that i dont know
    possibly :
    - bad virus, trojan, ect
    - dust in pc which heated, and got the motherboard not enough power
    the motherboard reseted itself
    and it confused my IDE disk , and my SATA disk
    and so when i boot, it tried to boot with my secondary disk (with no windows on it)

    that would explain why
    when i disconect my secondary disc , everything works

    but now, i am wondering about the cause
    what do u think :
    - bad virus, trojan, ect
    - dust in pc which heated, and got the motherboard not enough power
    - other ?
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    Possibly you have the master and slave drives mixed up.

    But regardless, the key here for you is to make small steps in locating the problem. Set aside your theories for the moment and let's go to empirical evidence. Remove components until you have it working again, then install them one-by-one as per instructions until you repeat the error, then give us the error and the steps that led up to it.
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    but i have already have it working again

    i saw all my BIOS had been reseted
    i just reconfigured it all, and now , its working again

    what i am interested in is : why my BIOS reseted suddenly ?
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    It's a mystery JPC.

    Glitches are built into every motherboard... :smile:

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    A likely cause of the BIOS spontaneously resetting itself to it's default settings is low power in the CMOS battery on the mobo. If it happens again try putting in a new battery.
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    ok noted, thanks
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