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Computing tools for social studies documents

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    Maybe it is not that specific to social studies when one is talking about document computing tools (which I refer to content-related tools here, e.g. Charting, Visualising, Flowcharting, and Infographing tools, etc), but I really am curious about what specific tools are social studies students/scholars using for the above purposes. Before, I used the MS Office and found that it was hard to control the content precisely, visio may be better, but still doesnt feel very productive when the chart complexity increased. For example when flowcharting something like this, I often messed up and feel like I am not in control when using the tool, and the result is not very appealing....

    So my question is, what tools are you using when flowcharting, infographing, data-visualing?
    I would very appreciate some pointers, and shall be happy to try them out....
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    Those are good links, thank you. Maybe I should learn more thoroughly on how to use visio.
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