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Concentrated pressure drop in tube having 90 round bend

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    i want to calculate the concentrated pressure drop in a tube having 90 round bend and other one having 180 round bend.
    The equation that i know is:
    dP (concentrated) = 1/2 * b*r*v^2
    b=specific coefficient for concentrated pressure drop
    r = liquid density (kg/m³)
    v = average speed of the fluid inside the tube (m/s)

    My problem is how to determine b?

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    One of the best sources of these factors is the Crane Technical Paper No. 410. If you don't have access to this book, let me know your line size and flow rate I can give you some approximate values.
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    many thanks for your kind help...unfortunately I have no access.
    here is the info....
    1st line:
    water mass flow rate= 1 l/m
    tube Length=36m
    internal diameter= 12mm
    external diameter= 15mm

    2nd line is the same except for the length that is 41m.
    The tube will be bending like in the image attached.

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    My Crane TP 410 book is at work, but start with this link


    Run a few cases. Then make sure you can do this by hand calculation and not depend on the computer !
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    Thanks alot...i will do it
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