I Concentration of Impurities in Extrinsic Semiconductor ?

Concentration of impurities atoms in Extrinsic Semiconductors.

I was studying a book on analysis and design of analog integrated circuits. In the book it is mentioned as "For practical concentration of impurities, the density of majority carriers is approximately equal to the density of impurity atoms in the crystal" I researched about it and I found on some other website with similar kind of statement " Under most conditions, the doping of the semiconductor is several orders of magnitude greater than the intrinsic carrier concentration, such that the number of majority carriers is approximately equal to the doping. " I dont understand what does this mean.


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Which part is confusing to you?
Concentration of doping impurity and concentration of electrons in the semiconductors.


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Intrinsic (pure) semiconductor material has only a few thermally generated charge carriers. Carriers in useful quantities are provided by dopants, where each dopant atom contributes a carrier.

You might look at some basic semiconductor tutorial materials such as

where you can follow links on each sub-topic.

Many others come up as well when you search for "semiconductor tutorial."
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