What is Extrinsic: Definition and 28 Discussions

In science and engineering, an intrinsic property is a property of a specified subject that exists itself or within the subject. An extrinsic property is not essential or inherent to the subject that is being characterized. For example, mass is an intrinsic property of any physical object, whereas weight is an extrinsic property that depends on the strength of the gravitational field in which the object is placed.

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  1. J

    A Difference of the spin Hall effect in intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors?

    Hello there, I don't really get the difference between the extrinsic or intrinsic spin hall effect or contribution. As i understand, in extrinsic you have spin scattering by impurities, so its the spin orbit interaction of the spin with its orbit, and this orbit is influenced by an impurity...
  2. Muhammad Usman

    I Concentration of Impurities in Extrinsic Semiconductor ?

    Hi, I was studying a book on analysis and design of analog integrated circuits. In the book it is mentioned as "For practical concentration of impurities, the density of majority carriers is approximately equal to the density of impurity atoms in the crystal" I researched about it and I found...
  3. A

    Mixed intrinsic and extrinsic angles in 3D rotations

    Being scratching my head for 2 days and not getting anywhere with this one. I am trying to figure out how to perform a 3D rotation described via a mix of intrinsic and extrinsic angles. Here is the problem: I have a platform in the shape of a box with sides of length lx, ly and lz. The platform...
  4. P

    A Fundamental definition of extrinsic curvature

    My question is quite simple: what is the fundamental definition of extrinsic curvature of an hypersurface? Let me explain why I have not just copied one definition from the abundant literature. The specific structure on the Lorentzian manifold that I'm considering does not imply that an...
  5. C

    I Extrinsic Curvature Formulas in General Relativity: Are They Equivalent?

    I know two kinds formulas to calculate extrinsic curvature. But I found they do not match. One is from "Calculus: An Intuitive and Physical Approach"##K=\frac{d\phi}{ds}## where ##Δ\phi## is the change in direction and ##Δs## is the change in length. For parametric form curve ##(x(t),y(t))##...
  6. C

    A How to calculate the extrinsic curvature of boundary of AdS_2

    I have a simple but technical problem: How to calculate the extrinsic curvature of boundary of AdS_2? I am not very familiar with this kind of calculation. The boundary of AdS2metric $$ds^2=\frac{dt^2+dz^2}{z^2}$$ is given by (t(u),z(u)). The induced metric on the boundary is...
  7. A

    A Intution behind the definition of extrinsic curvature

    Forgive me for asking a rather silly question, but I have thinking about the following definition of the extrinsic curvature ##\mathcal{K}_{ij}## of a sub-manifold (say, a boundary ##\partial M## of a manifold ##M##): $$\mathcal{K}_{ij} \equiv \frac{1}{2}\mathcal{L}_{n}h_{ij} =...
  8. S

    I Quaternion conversion extrinsic to intrinsic

    Hi All, I Have a system which is supplying me with quaternions, working in opengl I am setting the orientation of a model to the quaternion I am given, and it is seen that all changes in pitch are shown as changes in rotation around the opengl x-axis (1 is left), all changes in roll are shown...
  9. K

    Fermi Level of intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor

    (1) (2)(3) (4) (5) we can find Equation (5) by dividing po by n0, and write an equation with respect to Ei. However since equation (3) is a special form of (1) and (2), [when Ef=Ei] we can obtain equation (5) from any arbitrary Ef. However, since eq (5) consists of constants only, it will...
  10. S

    Manifolds: extrinsic and intrinsic

    Dear all We all agree that a manifold is globally non euclidean but locally it is. So we can find near each point a hemeomorphic to an open set of euclidean space of the same dimension as the manifold. This is a general definition for all manifold to follow. Then what is the difference between...
  11. R

    Camera on Airplane: Extrinsic plus Intrinsic 3D Rotations?

    Apologies up front for the long question … I have tried to be brief. I want to define camera angles for Google Earth (GE) when rotated about an aircraft yaw axis. The input is Latitude, Longitude, Altitude plus Heading, Pitch and Bank angles, actually coming from Flight Simulator. These drive...
  12. H

    How can an extrinsic semiconductor still be electrically neutral?

    Homework Statement Explain why a pure semiconductor crystal will always have equal numbers of electrons and holes present as electrical carriers. Explain why a crystal with additional donor impurities will norally have more electrons in the conduction band than holes in the valence band, still...
  13. BruceW

    Extrinsic thermodynamic variable confusion

    Hi all, Something has been troubling me. To begin with, I have never been certain about this concept of 'extrinsic' thermodynamic variables. I mean, they don't have to be linear with system size, right? They just need to increase with system size? And also, I have a specific 'example problem'...
  14. B

    What temperature does p-Ge translates from extrinsic to intrinsic ?

    Hi, I have expermentally measured the resistivity, Hall mobility concentration of a p-type germanium sample at the range of 300K-700K. The task I want to accomplish is, given the fact that I know NA= 4.5E17 and acceptor is boron. - How can I calculate the expected transition...
  15. S

    Gauss-Bonnet term extrinsic curvature

    Gauss-Bonnet term extrinsic curvature calculations? In General Relativity if one wants to calculate the field equation with surface term, must use this equation: S=\frac{1}{16\pi G}\int\sqrt{-g} R d^{4} x+\frac{1}{8\pi G}\int\sqrt{-h} K d^{3} x The second term is so-called Gibbons-Hawking...
  16. N

    Why do extrinsic semiconductors behave intrinsically at high temperatures?

    Is it because at high temperatures quasi-all electrons due to the doping are in the conduction band such that only the intrinsic behaviour is left? Or is it something else?
  17. A

    Why the Gaussian curvature is extrinsic ?

    Hi all! Let's start from the begin to see where I get lost. Extrinsic curvature defines the way an object relates to the radius of curvature of circles that touch the object (a couple of further nicer definitions come from physics, for the moments I am not mentioning them), and intrinsic...
  18. P

    Fermi level in extrinsic semiconductors

    Fermi level in an extrinsic semiconductor(after attaining thermal equilibrium) is said to be invariant (constant ) , and the proof uses the fact 'no current must flow thorough any cross-section'..But I don't think its true, charge will be transported due to diffusion and this is countered by...
  19. S

    Calculating Resistivity of Extrinsic Ge w/ Four Probe Method

    We have an experiment of the students to calculate the resistivity of an extrinsic (p or n) Germanium sample using Four Probe method at different temperatures (the sample is heated from room temperature and the voltage and current are measured for increasing temperature and then the same is done...
  20. A

    Calculating Curvature of 3D Hyperboloid - Parameters & Extrinsic Curvature

    How can I calculate the curvature of a 3D hyperboloid? I mean, what parameters do I need to calculate the intrinsic curvature? I guess to calculate the extrinsic curvature as seen from a 4D space I would just need a curvature radius, right? Thanks
  21. M

    Extrinsic Curvature: Normal Vector & Sign Impact

    In the definition of the extrinsic curvature, there is the normal vector. It depends on the sign of the normal vector? Because a normal vector can be directed in two ways. For example the curvature of a circle on the plane has different curvature from inside and outside! But this is...
  22. D

    Extrinsic properties of the curved space

    Example: take curved 2D space with positive constant curvature everywhere. You say, sphere with radius R? no, there are 2 different solutions in topology: sphere and half-sphere. Half sphere (1/2 of sphere where points across the 'equator' are connected to the opposite sides) can’t be 'embedded'...
  23. W

    Intrinsic and extrinsic silicon semiconductors

    Can some1 please assist me with this question,i have tried every means possible with no avail. 1, A wafer of intrinsic silicon is deliberately doped with 3 X 10^20/m^-3 of acceptor atoms 1, CAlculate the electron and hole concntration in the wafer 2,calc the position of the Fermi level in...
  24. W

    Gauss Mapping of Surfaces in R^n: Intrinsic or Not?

    The Gauss curvature of a surface in R^3 is intrinsic i.e. it is an invariant of local isometry. For a hyper-surface of R^n is this also true? By this I mean: The Gauss curvature is the determinant of the Gauss mapping of the surface into the unit sphere. Is the determinant of the Gauss mapping...
  25. W

    Theorem Egregium: Intrinsic Extrinsic Gauss Curvature of 3D Surfaces

    The product of the principal curvatures of a surface in Euclidean 3 space, though defined extrinsically, is actually an intrinsic quantity, the Gauss curvature. This is the Theorem Egregium. What about the product of the principal curvatures for higher dimensional hypersurfaces?
  26. A

    Hypersurfaces with vanishing extrinsic curvature

    Could anyone share insights/results/references on hypersurfaces with vanishing extrinsic curvature? In particular, I would be interested in results related to existence (do they always exist, if not when do they exist?) and procedures for constructing them from the background geometry.
  27. quantumdude

    Extrinsic and Intrinsic Curvature

    Those of you who know me know that my formal education is in physics, not mathematics. So hopefully you'll excuse the dumb question, but in what course would one learn about extrinsic and intrinsic curvature? I have books on tensors, differential forms, topology, analysis, and advanced...
  28. C

    Difference between Intrinsic & Extrinsic Behaviour of a Semiconductor

    1. What is the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic behaviour in a semiconductor? How can you determine what temperature a semiconductor material such as Silicon will revert to intrinsic behaviour, given the donor, intrinsic carrier concentration and the energy gap? - I am thinking that...