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Conceptual questions about magnetism

  1. Mar 17, 2013 #1
    Do any celestial bodies not have magnetic fields? Why?

    I'm having a difficult time finding good resources for dynamo theory a question about that...
    So first what I know:
    1 - The Sun has a nonmetal hydrogen/helium plasma interior which is generating a magnetic field
    2 - the Earth has a liquid iron core with a magnetic field
    3 - metals can be magnetized because their electron spin orientations result in the atom having an electric current inducing a magnetic field, and nonmetals are labeled as not having magnetic properties
    Q - If both metals and nonmetals (e.g. hydrogen plasma) can be magnetized then why are nonmetals categorized as not being able to be magnetized (according to the periodic table). Clearly I'm missing something in there because that's not consistent.
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    I don't think your periodic table is considering plasma states. Plasma behavior is kind of outside the scope of most chemistry.
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