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Conceptualizing higher dimensions

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    Stephen Hawking has said that even he cant comprehend higher than 3 dimensions in any intuitive way, only in a mathematical way. But in the course of studying advanced physics, does your intuitive understanding of higher dimensions grow at all, or do you just rely on the math???
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    I find that things like Euler's characteristic


    i.e. N = verticies - edges + faces

    do more to help me "visualize" higher dimensions than, say, intrinsic curvature. Intrinsic curvature is a way of dealing with curvature without having to visualize it.
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    I'm not sure many people try, but you can in part visualize higher dimensions. It's a little like those "spot the image" things in newspapers where you cross your eyes and a fuzzy colourful image clicks into 3D.

    Search Google on Tesseract and Visualize.

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    one cannot fully understand the higher dimensions or lower dimensions. let try this, imagine that you are in 2nd dimension, not on the paper but an area in space.that mean u can only move forward,backward,left and right.like an ant.can you?or a point in space.
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