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Concrete Engine Block with Liners

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    Is it useful to build my own engine block from concrete , liners inside.
    Concrete is cheap , high resistant to pressure and high heat .

    Best regards ,

    Mustafa Umut Sarac

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    High porosity, very low tensile strength, etc.
    You might be able to fashion one that functions for a (very) short time, but I can't imagine any serious reason to try.
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    Well, concrete is relatively inexpensive compared to metal alloys and engineering ceramics, and it would be a relatively good insulator compared to metal.

    But concrete doesn't handle tension too well, and I image thermal fatigue would be a problem.

    A metal liner would be necessary to maintain a smooth (minimal friction) bore in the piston chamber.
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    Sure concrete is cheap when you're making a sidewalk, but I seriously doubt it would be cheaper when you tried to manufacture an engine block out of it. As with most precision parts, the expensive part of making an engine block is not the material, its all of the manufacturing and machining processes that go into making it.
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    I researched concrete technologies little bit to make my boat.
    First thing , I learned that concrete is fire proof.
    At a fire , heat is enough to melt a aluminium block but no wear to concrete.
    Second thing is to make it strong. At nato bases or us embassies they use bomb proof or missile proof walls. They make it with adding high concentration of steel fibers.
    Even there is ultra high flexible concrete at the market also.
    Problem is to keep metal parts modular , i mean installed on to the concrete mass by epoxy adhesive.
    I think factories dont use concrete because it is slow to cure but you can save from time with less paying to shaping machines.

    Best ,

    Mustafa Umut Sarac

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