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Confused and concerned about present and future

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    I need advice. If I could PM someone whose wise and knows a thing or two about life, please let me know. I probably need a shrink.
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    I'm going to post sticky from Moonbear here. I be would very wary of taking advice from someone you don't know on the internet. If you feel you may have an actual problem, please seek professional counseling. Do you have a school counselor, teacher, or doctor whose opinion you respect?

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    With a lot of things—as sad as it could be seen, I don't know anybody close or trust anybody that much to ask them, and with some things you just can't ask them. Physicsforums is a community and we help each other out and tend to talk about personal, global, and math problems.

    Plus, there's the anonymity of the internet, and a lot of times it just feels better to tell or ask about a problem. And it's definitely important and helpful to have objective views from outside, especially from intelligent people. Even if they don't know your situation first- or second- hand you can assess and think about what they said.

    Don't feel so bad about yourself, man.
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    If you want to talk to complete strangers about any sort of personal problem try a counsellor, there very good at listening and not judging, and giving helpful psychological advice, what's more they are professionally qualified and the soul of discretion. They're free over here at least and the usual way to get in touch is through referral by your GP, I'm not sure if you live outside of Europe, you may have to pay for one.
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    Just maybe not a school counselor. They tend to be better at arranging schedules.
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    Let me make it clear by counsellor I mean, either a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist. :smile:
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    Unfortunately, the more likely someone is to pm you, the more likely that you should totally ignore what they have to say.

    SD said it, if you have real problems which need to be dealt with get to a professional.
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    Being a semi-militant atheist, I'm probably the last guy in the world that you would expect to recommend seeking out the clergy, but it might be easier for some people (and definitely cheaper) than going to a diplomaed shrink. It's also a lot easier to get an appointment. Most (legitimate ones) have enough counselling experience and/or training to deal with everyday problems and to refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist if it seems appropriate. They also won't bring theology into the conversation unless you want them to.
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    No. Im not a head case. And I realize a head case would say that. Just a teenager in need of some advice. Money is not a problem, but finding a good counselor is. My school counselor is out of the question, I think I just need to talk to someone a bit older y'know. Just wanted to know if I'm not the only guy who thinks being a teen is a pain. Hope things are easier in the future... whats weirder is, solving some physics problems cleared my head a bit. Thank you all for replying. Very heartening to know people will give you their opinion or caution you when you need it.
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    yea me too. i too get depressed many times. sometimes to such an extent, i start questioning my existance, but then i do have happier times also. man, there are always going to be problems in life and we got to get some help for it. thats what teenage is supposed to teach you, i guess. talk to some close friend or someone close to you for getting help. and ofcourse you cant go more sad than me, hehe:cool:
    i hope things start to change in future(for me obviously n for all too)
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    I think most teenagers find the teen years to be difficult, although some find it easier, while others find it more difficult.

    The transition from childhood (with full dependence on parents and family) to adulthood (with hopefully full independence) can be accompanied anxiety and stress. I suspect everyone has experienced it to some degree.

    Ideally one should be able to discuss one's worries or concerns with one's parents, or a trusted adult. One perhaps does not need a psychiatrist or psychologist, but a mature individual who is thoughtful and experienced, e.g. "a school counselor, teacher, or doctor whose opinion you respect" as Evo suggested.
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    Yes, being a teen is a pain. Fortunately, most people grow out of it. :wink: It is an important time to have a trusted adult to talk to about your concerns and issues involved in "growing up" with the emphasis on "trusted." Some teens can just talk to their parents about things (or one parent more than the other sometimes), or sometimes grandparents or an aunt or uncle are easier to talk to than your own parents. If you can't get the support and advice you need from your family, then that is going to make teenage years even rougher, and you are wise to seek counseling. If you don't like the options you have at home, or at school, the two best places remaining to look for assistance are, as Danger suggested, your clergy IF you are affiliated with any sort of religion in a way that would make you comfortable with your clergy (if you're not religious, you're unlikely to feel comfortable with that choice), or 2) call your family doctor. Even your doctor might be able to address some "growing up" issues, because many teenage problems fall within their purview anyway (i.e., struggles with acne; dealing with weird moods brought on by hormonal changes around the time of puberty, which applies to both boys and girls; perceptions regarding body changes and concerns about what is normal and what you're likely to be "stuck with" and what will continue to change over the next several years), and they will know of good counselors who specialize in teenage issues if your concerns are outside their area of comfort in addressing.
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    Hopefully things are smoother in the future. As for now, I talked to my grandmother, she was very helpful. I was thinking about going to a counselor, but now I dont think I need to.

    I hope to be completely independent soon, and with luck, the transition will be smooth. For now, Im good. Dunno whats going to happen tomorrow. Thats exactly what makes life so interesting and, at times, scary.

    Yeah man, that used to happen to me earlier, thank god I got over that though. I was so insecure and unsure of myself a lot of the time, luckily, it only happens sporadically now...
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    As before, thank you all very much for replying. I really really appreciate it.
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