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Congratulations jgraber (occasional Beyond forum visitor)

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    James Graber sometimes comes here and makes helpful intelligent posts. he was around yesterday or the day before just reading I think. I have learned from his posts.
    So congratulations to him for what must be a pretty usual thing, publishing a paper:

    Performing a theoretically robust Ryan test using intermediate-mass black holes
    James S. Graber
    Poster paper presented at GWDAW-10 10th Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop. Submitted to Classical & Quantum Gravity

    "We investigate the possibility of using binary IMBH inspirals to perform the Ryan test of general relativity in a theoretically robust manner using data from early in the detectable part of the inspiral. We find this to be feasible and compute the masses of the most favourable systems."

    best wishes generally to the working physicists in our PF crowd here!
    it is their work that makes life entertaining for the rest of us who like to learn and comment----and as Fabien Benard said on Peter Woits blog one time: advances the glory of the human mind:smile:

    well, it does. Every bit helps.


    OK so this is about detecting hiccups and burp of the gravitational field, things caused now and then when

    like two toilets flushing each other down themselves

    two black holes spiral in together and merge.
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    Thankyou very much for noticing my small contribution.
    Perhaps I will try to repay by summarizing my recollections of relevant sessions at the recent APS meeting, which is the main reason I did not notice this and reply earlier.
    Jim Graber
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    that would be interesting and delightful.
    BTW if convenient, please mention a session at the APS meeting having to do with quantum gravity, string, unification, or extensions of the standard model of particle physics

    (as well as the session having to do directly with your paper)

    otherwise a stickler for correctness might insist on having the thread moved to Gen Rel forum.
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