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Considering a career as Radar technician: cancer risk?

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    I've done a good bit of online research and have concluded that both in the past and AFAIK currently there is a significant risk of cancer if I work for companies that make military or civilian radar systems. I'm looking at high powered systems for missle detection, defense radar of all types and civil air radar upgrades.

    Would anyone have good knowledge about this? I'm trying to find anyone with firsthand knowledge especially.

    Thank you,

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    Recommendations for exposure to non ionising radiation, such as microwaves, are published by the International Commission for Non Ionising Radiation Protection (https://www.icnirp.org/). These recommendations do not indentify that cancer is a risk from microwaves, but there can be a risk from heating and radio frequency burns where unsafe practices are used.
    Most countries adopt the recommendations as a legal requirement for industry, and will probably require the employer to manage safety and have a safe system of work. For instance, a safe method of turning off a transmitter during maintenance. It would not be normal to be exposed to high levels of radiation in the workplace.
    It would be a pity if you did not do your chosen career as a result of inaccurate or non scientific information.
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    Thread closed, unless the OP provides some references for the assertions.
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    I closed the thread while sending a PM to the OP asking for links to his references. He did some work and he has a number of links. Therefore, I am going to reopen this thread, and move it to biology to give him the opportunity to post his links.

    I am aware that similar questions have been asked many times before on PF and I think that @tech99 's answer is a good one, but we'll see.
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