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Considering buying this computer monitor, your thoughts?

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    Here is the computer monitor in question: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/hp-25-led-hd-monitor-black/7503012.p?id=1219679624841&skuId=7503012

    Here are my concerns:

    1. It only has 5 reviews. All 5 of them are perfect 5/5, which is nice, but it only has 5 reviews in comparision to the 100+ reviews other similar products have.
    2. It's a 25" screen, but on sale for $80. Compared to similarly priced models, this deal is the best that Best Buy is offering.

    My concern here is this, I want to buy this one, but the skeptic in me is making sure that something isn't going on here. Why are these 2 points sticking out to me?

    Thank you for any help and thoughts.
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    look it up in Amazon to get more reviews to read.
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    Another good source for reviews is newegg.com
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    What they said. And LCD/LED computer monitors are a near perfected technology. If buying a big brand, it will almost certainly be worthwhile. Just shop for price and buy from a well known store with a warranty.
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    Excellent. Thanks for the comments friends, that quells my curiosity.
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    Several years ago I extensively researched some large [~24"] monitors and their reviews and arrived at a candidate list - all by well established companies with decent mfr warranties. I happened by a Best Buy shortly thereafter and they had most of my candidate monitors on display. They all proved a bit disappointing - washed out colors, weak resolution, choppiness, etc. Nearby was another by a lesser known mfr that stood out from the crowd. It was brighter, crisper and had a visibly superior refresh rate. It was also about $100 cheaper than competing models. That was the one I got and still use. Moral of the story, your own eyes are a better judge than any review article when shopping monitors.
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