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Homework Help: Constant Acceleration Plane Problem

  1. Sep 23, 2006 #1
    The takeoff speed of a jetliner is 360 km/h. If the jetliner is to take off from a 2100 m long runway, what must be the (constant) acceleration along the runway?

    Velocity of jetliner=(360 km/h)(1000 m/ 1 km)(1 h/3600 s)=100 m/s

    v^2=initial V^2+2a(x-initial x)
    (v^2-(initial V^2))/(x-intial x)=2a
    ((100 m/s)^2-0)/(2100-0)=2a
    4.76 m/s^2=2a
    a=2.38 m/s^2

    Look right?
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    yup looks fine to me.
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