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Homework Help: Constructible Numbers Presentation

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    Hey all,
    I am currently in an Intro Analysis class. As our final project, the professor asked a few of us to do a presentation on special topic that we haven't covered. He gave me Constructible Numbers. He said that it would be a fun project for me. He said I could do a bunch of example with a straight edge and ruler or film it and put it in with the rest of the power point presentation.
    Anyways, I was trying to think of ways to make it as entertaining as possible for the rest of the class, maybe a few examples of non-constructible numbers? I guess its nice that no one in my class knows what constructible numbers are, but it still has to have some solid proof and definition behind it for my Prof. If you guys have any ideas, I would really appreciate it.

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    Gallian, Contemporary Abstract Algebra, 391-4 has interesting anecdotes.
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