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Constructing solutions to Einstein Field Equation

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    The swartzchild metric, the kerr metric etc. where constructed with specific goals in mind, how does one go about doing that with goals in mind? Any help or comments appreciated. I don't expect a guide, I doubt one exists,
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    Exact solutions of the Einstein field equations are notoriously difficult to find. In the almost 100 years since the EFE's discovery by Einstein, only a select few physically pertinent exact solutions have been found. There are whole books written on this subject (see e.g. https://www.amazon.com/Solutions-Ei...s=exact+solutions+of+Einstein+Field+Equations), and there are several different methods worth trying. As an introduction, I might recommend Wald's "General Relativity" chapter 7.
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    Thanks, useful and timeous as every matterwave.
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