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Homework Help: CONSTRUCTIONS of a+b,ab,a/b,a-b, a^(1/2)

  1. Apr 7, 2006 #1
    i'm suppose to show how to construct each of the following:

    a+b,ab,a/b,a-b, a^(1/2) .... a,b >0

    This has to do with constructible numbers using the ruler and compass.

    So i know that a number is constructible if it the distance (or negative distance) between two constructible points, but I suppose I don't really need such a fact. hmm... SO how do i start this? Can I just look at points a, and b as vectors. I'm sure if I get help with a+b, I can start working on the rest. thanks..
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    sorry..i posted in the wrong section. I will repost in another...CLOSED
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