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Convert: Kg to Gallon

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    How do i convert USD/kg to USD/gallon? pl help

    Liquid A:
    Cost=1416 USD/gallon
    Specific Gravity=1.35

    Liquid B:
    Cost=120 USD/Kg
    Specific Gravity=1.67

    Thank you
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    If it was water (specific gravity = 1), then 1 kg = 1 liter, and since 1 gallon ≈ 3,785 liter, that's
    120 USD/kg = 120 UDS/liter = 454 UDS/gallon

    I'll let you make the adjustment for the specific gravity of liquid B.
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    I think you're off by a factor of 1000 on that conversion of gallons to liters. 1 gallon is about 4 liters.

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    That was a European "decimal point" :wink:
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    David Lewis

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    You may have to account for the temperature of the liquid depending on how precise your conversion needs to be.
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    In his first post, the OP specified the required density values.
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