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Convert latex code to fortran code?

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    I have very large equations that I need to solve using numerical techniques. The equations are in latex. From these now I need to form matrix in fortran and then continue the solution procedure in fortran. Can anyone advice how I can do this conversion from latex code to fortran code. The number of equations is so large and the size of each equation is also huge. So to rewrite those in fortran would be very cumbersome. This work is related to scientific compuation. Thanks a lot
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    You might be better off doing this manually... or else writing a perl or python script to do this.
    LaTeX, of course, is a markup-language. It doesn't understand the mathematical operations required by fortran. If the LaTeX is constructed logically [as opposed to for merely visual appearance], your task is simpler.

    Was the LaTeX generated by another program like Maple? If so, then you can ask Maple to generate the fortran code.
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