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Converting a toy that runs on batteries to wall power

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    In a desperate search to find a bubbly little icon for my aquarium, I came up disappointed and learned that nothing I grew up with was available anymore because it contained lead based paint. The disappointment quickly transformed into a challenge that got me excited.

    I was looking at a volcano piece that bubbles and lights up (and yes, it's submersible). Although it was cool, it wasn't what I wanted. Being a BIOSHOCK fan, I just purchased a Big Daddy Toy with the intent to make it the center piece in my aquarium.

    The Big Daddy has 3 LED lights (Red, Yellow, and Green) which are manually selected via a switch. They are powered by 3 AG13 batteries (1.5 volt each).

    I can seal all cracks so water don't get in, drill some holes to hook up a bubbler, but wiring a plug to it is going to be the real challenge. I not only want to bypass the battery terminal and go direct, but I want it to gradually cycle between the 3 colors. There are 4 stages for the lights. (1=off, 2,3,4= either red, green, or yellow). I have no idea what to buy to control the cycle.

    I have gathered from research that I will need a 4.5 volt adapter, but other than that I'm at a loss.

    If the batteries are consuming 4.5 volts, will whatever mechanism that cycles the lights up my usage?

    Sounds silly, but it'll be awesome if I can get it done.
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    In general mains voltage and water don't mix, get someone who has some electrical qualifications to help with this one, otherwise you might well end up with a tank of dead fish or a floor of dead you.
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