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Converting Potato waste (peel) to bio-ethanol

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    hello all,
    I'm a mechanical engineering student
    my graduation project is an automatic machine to make the following
    "converting Potato waste (peel) to bio-ethanol"
    i need a detailed research about the chemical process until getting ethanol
    waiting for your help guys , I'm not good chemist so i need the full description.
    it will be very helpful if it included any thing about cellulosic wastes.
    -its not a homework question........i just want to build that machine but its very
    related to chemistry that's why i need help
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    Re: Bio-Ethanol

    So what exactly is your question? Are you just looking for people to do your research for you? There's a lot of websites out there that cover the process step by step. I think that would be the best place to start.
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    Re: Bio-Ethanol

    I'm not asking for anyone to do my research..........
    to make it easier
    i want the headlines or steps in a few sentences to start reading
    its pretty hard to search in general topic specially when its related
    to a different science that you don't know , just show me the door
    and i will do my part.
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    Re: Bio-Ethanol

    Generally with a question like this it is best to show some initial research first, this isn't a place for people to do your googling for you.

    Click on that link, read, come back when you have specific questions.
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    Re: Bio-Ethanol

    Thank you for you effort....... :)
    taking your advice into my consideration
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