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Cool Physical Phenomena Objects?

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    Ya know, rare earth magnets and crap like that. Anybody know of some other cool things to have sitting around the house?
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    hang a coat hanger from something, like a torsion setup and tie a grape on one end of the hanger and a counter weight on the other so that it is balanced , then use a strong rare earth magnet and push the grape around in a circle , hold it close to the grape and it will take a little bit and the magnet will push the grape. drop a magnet down a copper pipe . tesla coil, you could make one to light up fluorescent light bulbs,
    Or take a long fluorescent bulb and hold it near the back of TV , the ones with cathode ray tubes in them and it will make it glow and flash light , or hold it next to the coil on a car or the distributor .
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    Cornstarch mixed with water at the right proportions is fun to play with.
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