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Copenhagen Suborbitals open source space travel

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    Filip Larsen

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    Their homepage is slightly messed up at the moment it seems, so let me add that there are also some blogs:

    Kristian von Bengtson on http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/rocketshop/ and Peter Madsen in danish on
    http://ing.dk/blogs/rumfart-pa-den-anden-made. I know several non-danish speaking rocket enthusiasts are following this blog via google translate - I hope one day there will be an official translation to english because they are almost always a fantastic read.

    Also worth noting, as Peter Madsen keeps stressing, is that this is completely based on volunteer work and contributions. There are no official sponsor and no one in CS gets paid, but there is a group of now nearly a thousand supporters who each make a small monthly contribution.
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